I'm so proud of my wife...

Jessica has taken on so much this past year. Not just her amazing work with me at The Wiggle Room, but now she has embarked on something new, without me. She is a guest writer for Portland Mom’s Blog, and talking with them on being a regular contributor.


And, I have to say, she is quite good. She knows her stuff. Not just from her experience as an OT, but also all the experimentation she’s done with our kids as they have us at wit’s end on a near daily basis.

We hope to incorporate more of her expertise here at The Wiggle Room with chats and open forums available to YOU. Pick her brain for a few hours as we stay open late. She’s got 15 years of experience both at the hospital seeing all sorts of things and with the school system… seeing all sorts of things.

The Wiggle Room Jessica.jpg

And, to top it off… She’s got such a big heart (has to in order to put up with me)


she is so beautiful. :)

Please comment below on some of the topics you’d like to hear about. What kind of issues or topics do you have questions about that you’re seeing in your home or with your child?