Basic Party Packages include:

  • Exclusive access to The Wiggle Room for a full 2 hours. Host gets an additional 15 minutes on either side of the party for decorating and breaking down. But, we do all the cleanup!

  • Staff to attend to all of your needs and keep the bar open for you and your guests. You can choose to host the bar for your guests, or have them pay their own way at a cash bar.

  • Candles, lighters and cake servers available, should you forget

  • Outside food is welcome! Check below for exclusive deals we’ve secured on your behalf for having your party at The Wiggle Room, if you so choose!

*Please note and respect that we are a GLITTER FREE facility!


The space rental is $295 for up to 14 kids. Each additional child will be $10 each, with practically no limit on children or adults, so long as we don't exceed our total occupancy of 87. Adults are free!

A $100 deposit is required in order to secure your reservation. Don't worry, this will be applied to the final total on the day of your party. Booking online incurs an additional $5.70 in fees to cover processing, not applied to the $295 rental fee. To avoid this, you are welcome to drop off a check during our open hours or mail it in!

To respect our employees’ time, and the party goers on either side of your party time slot, we request your strict compliance to the time slots allotted. The host is responsible for making sure the guests are out the door at the end of the party time window (either 3:30pm, or 6:00pm). If not, additional fees may be assessed of $25 per 5 minute increment past the end of your party time window.


We schedule parties when we are otherwise closed. Below is our availability for a 2 hour party. If you would like to book on a Tuesday or in need of a party longer than 2 hours, or need any other accommodation, please email Chris directly at .

You are also able to book your party with a $100 deposit using the links below! The balance to your party is due at the end of your party. We will then factor in any other costs or discounts, including bar tab, additional children, or discounts for Loyalty Rewards Members. You’re also welcome to book by calling us or email

Booking online incurs an additional $5.70 in fees, not applied to the $295 rental fee. To avoid this, you are welcome to drop off a check during our open hours or mail it in!

Party Partners


Pizza - Hot Lips Pizza - 15% off and free delivery for orders over $100 (orders must go through The Wiggle Room)

Pizza - Sizzle Pie - 15% off (15% added back as gratuity) (order directly from Sizzle Pie)


Mr. Hoo - $125, which includes:

  • 30 - 45 minute performance

  • Customized set list

  • Personalized birthday song

  • Special gifts for birthday kid

  • 6 Mr. Hoo kazoos or CDs for party favors

 What's more fun than a birthday?  A birthday with Mr. Hoo!  When Mr. Hoo plays your child's party, everyone will have a blast and you and your chilld will later cherish the memory of this special day.  He'll do a  30-45 minute performance of fun, interactive songs (or you can customize the set list with your favorite tunes) and he'll perform his special birthday song, which he'll personalize for your child.  If you choose, he can even make a recording of the birthday song and put it on a CD so you can have it forever! (extra charge for CD).

Music with Mr. Hoo

Other Entertainment:

Face Painter - Face Painting by Annie - $25/hr

Face Painting by Annie offers traditional face painting for kids, using non-toxic water-based products and waterproof tattoos. Annie loves painting, art, and working with children. Annie can bring ideas, but feel free to send requests ahead of time! Annie is currently only available for parties scheduled on Sundays!

Face Painting by Annie

Clown - BJ the Clown 503-282-2000