360° Tour 8/1/17: The Wiggle Room Construction

We're so excited!! Since we leased the storefront back in May, we are excited to see progress with the space.

We will be periodically updating the blog to include the latest images of our construction. 

360° tour created August 1, 2017. 


Jen McFarland

For almost 10 years, I was leading technology projects in the public sector—getting great money yet doing work that injured my soul.

I called it “Golden Handcuffs”. I was also disconnected from the people most affected by my work, and losing touch with the reason I first got into public service: to be of service.

Eventually I hit my breaking point: I was asked to do something that went directly against my core values.

Time to go.

I took my leap of faith. If you’ve ever leaped, you know that decision is agonizing until you actually do it—because afterwards, when you’re feeling like Tina Turner belting out Proud Mary, you’ve never felt better.

I’d already been building websites for friends and small businesses. I noticed they didn’t just need a website; their whole relationship with technology was out of whack.

They were up Tech Sh*t Creek: throwing money out the window on all sorts of things—unnecessary programs, bad relationships with developers, poorly built websites.

I started building roadmaps—technology plans that recommended what to buy and when to buy it—with one underlying condition: it had to suit the core needs and unique preferences of the business owner.

Meaning, it had to be personal. Nothing generic, no cookie-cutter solutions—strategies based entirely upon you.

This was what I learned as a Peace Corps volunteer: true help comes not by imposing your own values, but by listening deeply to what the other person needs. You move forward based on that.

Foster Growth is built upon that philosophy: it’s your business, you’re the boss. Because technology should work for you, not the other way around. And when it’s doing its job, you don’t even know it’s there.

With that knowledge and that confidence, it’s my belief that you can truly do anything. I’m just here to guide you towards what’s possible.