Owner's blog as we reflect upon the last year, our first year.

As our 1 year anniversary is approaching, Chris and I thought we would reflect back on the reasons we opened Wiggles, and some of the new reasons that have come to be. We will share our reasons as we approach our 1 year anniversary on October 20th. The reasons will be shared in no particular order.

Let’s start with the big Why. I get asked all the time, “How did you come up with the idea?” It’s funny and simple. It’s something that I felt was missing from our community. On a date night, after Chris had just had one of those yearly reviews at work, he was upset that he wasn’t seeing our boys much, was commuting across town and he was itching for a business. I mentioned that I had this idea for an indoor play-space where all kids would be welcomed. I envisioned a place where parents could see their kids from all angles, where little kids would be free to explore without older kids in their path, where the atmosphere would be accommodating for all kids, where there would be movement activities that provided kids with the sensory input their little bodies wanted, where bathrooms would be clean, where the staff would be friendly, where you could eat what you want, and where parents could talk to other adults and feel welcome no matter how much sleep they had had the night before. I mentioned all these visions to Chris and why I thought our community needed a place like this. Chris agreed and became very excited about the idea of opening a business.

The next day, he was sending me spaces for lease. I was excited but oh so nervous. I remember thinking, “is he serious?”  The next few months went by quickly as we secured a space, designed a play structure, picked out paint colors, talked with local families, and started seeing the vision coming together. It all came together rather quickly. I kept thinking, “is this really going to happen?”

Here we are, almost a year later after welcoming 1,000’s of families through our doors. Watching children with all different needs gather and play has been heartwarming.  One of my favorite compliments has been, “my kid doesn’t usually like these types of spaces because they are too overwhelming, but they loved it here.” We hope you love it here too.