Call to arrange!

After joining us in October, we have a couple of families that WANT this and have committed to weekly attendance. We just need a few more families to commit to weekly care to make this viable for the long term. If you are interested, email me at chris@thewiggleroom.com to arrange. If you know anyone else that you maybe want to split the weekly commitment with (so each of you take every other week), let me and them know too!

Save a spot for your kiddo on Tuesday morning, and you can leave and do whatever you want to do for 4 hours! “What??? Am I dreaming??” No! You’re not! We’ve enlisted two certified teachers for 4 hours on Tuesday mornings from 8-12pm. We’ve got activities, weekly themes, music times, and of course… PLAY!

Our Care Provider!

Our fabulous care provider, Tiffney Townsend has been teaching her whole life, from helping her four younger siblings learn to read to being a YMCA lifeguard and swim teacher as a teenager to working her way through college as a math tutor to teaching Middle School Social Science and English. She has a passion for early childhood education and believes the best way to learn is by playing, singing, dancing, exploring, and having fun with friends. Tiffney plays several instruments, currently teaches piano, and is a member of the Portland Symphonic Choir. She incorporates music into her lessons wherever possible, partly because there is strong evidence of the value of music for the developing brain but mostly because it is fun.

You may or may not be able to drop in, depending upon our weekly enrollment. To ensure we don’t go over our allowed capacity and stay within the confines of the law, a $40 penalty will be incurred if your child is not picked up at the scheduled time.

Breakfast and lunches can be provided as an add on. As always, you are welcome to bring a packed lunch or breakfast for your child(ren).

Additional release and enrollment documents are required in addition to the liability waiver, with contact information and permissible guardians allowed to pick up.

About Us

We are a fun, playful community that meets once a week to give kids time to play together and parents a few hours to themselves, introducing children to a setting where they play and learn without their parents present, but without the time commitment or expense of a full-time preschool program. Our curriculum is designed to introduce young children to new ideas, but in a low-pressure way that encourages play, music, and imagination.

Babies and preschool aged children of all backgrounds are welcome. Children do not need to be toilet trained, and we will support your child wherever they are at in that process. As the Wiggle Room is a gathering place for children, we require that all babies and children who join our program must be immunized according to standard medical recommendations, with the exception of children with a legitimate medical condition that makes it unsafe for them to be immunized. Proof of immunization or a doctor's explanation must be provided at the time of enrollment. This policy is in place to protect the health of immune compromised children and babies too young to receive certain vaccines by preventing the spread of disease. Our sick policy is that children who have a bad runny nose, are coughing and sneezing, are experiencing diarrhea, or are running a temperature should be kept home to get well and keep other children from falling ill as well. Little runny noses from causes such as allergies are not a reason to stay home.

Our Day

Our schedule is designed around the fact that young children are on different schedules. Babies and younger toddlers usually need a morning nap, so older children will engage in quieter activities during their nap time. This also allows us to do lessons that meet the age level of older children which would be too much for little ones. We will try to accommodate your child's needs wherever we can.

8:00 - Hello

We'll put our things away neatly, greet one another, and get ready for our day.

8:15 - Music Time

The children will sing, dance, and play along as they learn something new about music and themselves. We'll sing our favorite songs or dance with scarves or even have a freeze dance.

9:00 - Nap Time for little ones

Babies and children who take a morning nap go to sleep in their own room while older children have time for free play.

9:00 - Activity Time for bigger ones

Older children will receive a playful lesson on any topic from history to literature to science, involving storytelling, drawing, and imaginative games.

9:30 - Art Time

Older children will color or do a craft based on the day's lesson.

10:00 - Story Time

Children will hear stories that fit with the day's theme.

10:30 - Play Time

Free play for the children. Little ones will rejoin the group as they wake up.

11:30 - Lunch Time

Children will sit down together to have a nice lunch.

11:50 - Good Bye

We tidy away our things, get ready to go home, and say goodbye.


September 10 - Going to Space
September 17 - Harvest Time
September 24 - Friendship

October 1 - Dinosaurs
October 8 - Sun, Moon, and Earth
October 15 - Fairy Tales
October 29 - Halloween

November 5 - Rainbows
November 12 - Community Helpers
November 19 - We are Thankful

December 3 - Airplanes
December 10 - Winter
December 17 - Family Traditions

rates (Half Price through October! Maybe longer…)

Loyalty Members (prearranged) - $50 / 4 hours

Non-Members (prearranged) - $60 / 4 hours

Drop-in - $70 / 4 hours

*One time registration fee per child - $25

So, how do we sign up? Email chris@thewiggleroom.com for details.